April 1, 1976 - December 31, 2010

The Pines Treatment Center admitted its first patient April 1, 1976. The Pines ceased operation as a state operated facility December 31, 2010.


Whether called alcoholism, drug addiction, or chemical dependency, the Pines has provided treatment for the condition for over thirty years. An estimated 16,000 men and women have received treatment services at the Pines since 1976. The Pines Treatment Center ceased operations as a state operated facility December 31, 2010.

The Pines is located on the grounds of the former Pines Tuberculosis Sanitarium which operated much of the twentieth century before closing in the early 1970’s.

Patients are in residence for approximately four weeks. The principle mode of treatment is group therapy with medical, recreational, educational, and twelve-step support. The treatment philosophy is simple - if you're unhappy with your life, change your thinking - when thinking changes, results change. The Mission Statement of the Office for Addictive Disorders Region VII is Changing Minds. Changing Lives.

Residents are assigned to a primary therapy group. There are three groups for men and two for women. The groups are in session about three hours each day. Each resident has a primary counselor—a licensed clinical social worker, licensed professional counselor, or licensed addictions counselor—who develops a treatment plan with them.

The Pines has a Family Focus program which involves the family in the recovery process. This service is voluntary and recommended.

The Office for Addictive Disorders supports a twelve to eighteen month continuum of treatment and support services in its statewide system. All Pines residents are referred to an appropriate level of continuing care prior to discharge.

Follow this link to hear directly from persons who are successfully treating their disease and are in Recovery. Read comments from Pines Treatment Center graduates in the feedback section, lower left page.

Park like grounds

Park like grounds
The Pines is located in a park-like setting.

Group Therapy

Group Therapy
Residents participate in group therapy. There are five groups - 3 for men, 2 for women.

New Break and Visiting Deck

New Break and Visiting Deck
Staff check out the new deck

Who Provides Treatment?

The Pines has skilled and talented staff. Most have worked in the addictions field for years.

Some of the staff a resident will meet include:

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Licensed Professional Counselor
Licensed Addictions Counselor
Family Counselor
Clinical Chaplain
Registered Nurse
Licensed Practical Nurse
Recreational Therapist
Psychiatric Aides
Really nice cooks
Really cool maintenance guys
Super friendly adminstrative people

Dining Room

Dining Room
The Pines is known for its excellent food.


Many program activities and recreation are outdoors.

Carthrum Dormitory dedicates the "Beam Wing"

Carthrum Dormitory dedicates the "Beam Wing"
Willie Jackson does the honors with PTC supporter Johnny Beam


Acadiana Recovery Center guests returning home after their stay at the Pines.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

2007 Patient Survey

Results from the 2007 Patient Satisfaction Survey

During a six week period during the spring of 2006 all patients at the Pines were given a survey to complete privately and place in a sealed container. The container was collected by the Regional Office and tabulated. The survey is taken annually. Note: 2006 % to the left of the dash, 2007 % to the right.

When you were admitted, how would you rate the intake process and orientation?

2006 - 2007

Great! 76% - 82%
Okay 17% - 18%
Needs work
No Answer 7%

You have a counselor who works with you during the course of your treatment. How would you rate your counselor so far?

2006 - 2007

Great! 79% - 91%
Okay 14% - 4.5%
Needs Work 4%
Disaster - 4.5%
No Answer 3%

How would you rate the program to date?

2006 - 2007

Great! 86% - 91%
Okay 11% - 9%
Needs Work
No Answer 3%

How are you treated by the staff?

2006 - 2007

Great! 38% - 55%
Okay 28% - 27%
Needs Work 31% - 18%
No Answer 3%

Would you recommend this program to a friend who needs help?

2006 - 2007

Yes! 83% - 100%
Maybe 14%
No answer
No Answer 3%

Sampling of comments to the question How do you expect to be changed by your participation in this treatment program?

"Changed me completely. I want to live and become a productive person in society."

"Realizing this is a "we" program. I never have to go through any problems alone."

"Changed my outlook on life, help(ed) me to forgive myself."

"...I now have hope for the future..."

"This program has definately helped me. It also touches on other areas...such as anger management, bi-polar, and self-esteem."

"I look at myself differently and how I will conduct myself in the outside world."

Comments from 2006 survey

“I can only expect change by my own actions. I learned this here and hoped to accomplish it”

“My way of thinking and making better decisions”

“I will leave here with an understanding of the 12 steps and how the meetings work”

“I plan to use the tactics/tools I’ve acquired here to maintain my sobriety, as it’s precious to me”

“Won’t get in anymore trouble to be sent somewhere like this!”

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